Free Workshop: Five ways to financially revive your restaurant/ cafe in 2021

You’ll explore five key actionable steps that will end your cash flow challenges, increase sales and boost profit margins.

During this session, we will dive deep into how you can elevate the financial performance of your restaurant/cafe business and drive profitable results.


Secret #1

How to build a resilient and future proof food and beverage business that generates above industry average profit margins

Secret #2

How to monitor and control cash flow and create a cash-rich business



Secret #3

How to set up lean, well-structured and stress-free operations to reduce your costs for your business


Secret #4

How to spot tax-saving opportunities for your business




You want to start your own food and beverages business


You are the owner of a restaurant/ cafe business who is often worried about paying staff wages, quarterly VAT bills, rent, etc


You want to grow your food and beverages business operation into a chain of restaurants/ cafes


You feel disheartened by not seeing the desired results from your hardwork


You are keen to optimise the tax position of your restaurant/ cafe business


Phool Ashraf

Hi, I am Phool Ashraf. It is my mission to empower restaurateurs and cafe owners to build future proof and profitable businesses. This is something I have worked hard to develop after realising just how unsupported and fragile the restaurant/cafe industry is, and that innovation and operational efficiency are the secret ingredients for sustainable success.

I have more than a decade of experience in helping food and beverage business owners to transform their tedious, inefficient and labour intensive operations, which consumed precious revenue and left them with minimal profits, into above industry average profit and cash generating activities.

I regularly speak about my approach and the importance of innovation to financial management at industry events and love sharing my ideas and knowledge.




We have been working with Gains Accountants over a year and ever since we made the move over to them from a previously bigger firm, things have become much more efficient in terms of our monthly and quarterly accounting procedures.

Gains Accountants have speciality skills in the F&B indusry which is great, as they have the knowledge and tools to automate a lot of the tasks which typically are tedious and time-consuming. Futhermore, they’re flexible in their approach and happy to help and solve any problems and questions we ever have brought to them. I highly recommend Gains Accountants!

Hannah Ashrafazdeh

Co-founder, Urban Greens


At Gains, everything we do is with a view to transform restaurants and cafes into profitable, cash-rich and operationally efficient businesses, so that restaurant and cafe owners can build strong business foundations and grow into a chain of successful restaurants/cafes.

We’re determined to seize every opportunity to help restaurant and cafe businesses of any size thrive and grow through a dynamic approach to financial management that leverages existing resources.

We offer compliance, tax and business advisory solutions, but it’s our specialism and in-depth understanding of the hospitality sector that really makes the difference. We know the challenges around rising food costs, changes in customer footfall, attention-seeking staff, tax payments and never-ending cash flow issues, and have crafted precise and effective solutions to overcome these challenges, transforming them into opportunities for business success.

The most rewarding part of what we do is developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients and supporting them to translate their hard work into positive results. We’ve helped numerous businesses achieve their aspirations over the years, and we’re certain we can drive your success, too.