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With real-time data, better connectivity and lots of options for automation, online accounting software is a great way to improve efficiency in any business. That’s incredibly important in the fast-paced restaurant industry, where capturing data manually is a drain on much-needed time, and where optimising your resources is vital.

Plus, as Making Tax Digital extends its reach, more businesses could be required by law to keep records digitally and use software to file their returns. At Gains, we’ve been using digital accounting software from the start, and we’re excited to get more businesses on board with the benefits of connected, online accounting.

Why use the cloud?

Accessible, streamlined and endlessly flexible, cloud computing has revolutionised the way we use and store data. With online accounting software, you can harness that power for your business – giving you on-demand, instant access to the information you need. It’s not just a nice-to-have anymore. It’s an essential for any ambitious business.

Time efficiency

Save valuable time by automating your record-keeping and eliminating repetitive tasks.


Manual data entry can lead to mistakes. With cloud software, it’s all updated in real-time instead.


Access your financial information from any device, at any location, with no large downloads.


With cloud storage, there’s no need to worry about backing up or losing data on a broken device.


You don’t have to spend time on tedious manual tasks – let the software do it for you, so you can focus on your business.


Connect your accounting software with apps for every other part of your business so all your data can be updated at once.

Trusted platforms

Everything we use or deliver – whether that’s accounting software, payroll, or communications with our clients – is operated through the cloud. We carefully select who we partner with, ensuring a high-quality, secure service.

We’re partnered with Xero, a world-leading accounting platform that’s recognised by HMRC for MTD compatibility. Xero offers sophisticated accounting tools including real-time bank feeds, online invoicing, and intelligent financial reporting. We also work with Receipt Bank, which can be used alone or linked with Xero, for easy-to-use, automated bookkeeping.

And to make our relationship with you as efficient as possible, Gains runs on AccountancyManager, a cloud-based practice management tool that handles client records and makes communication fast and easy.


Receipt Bank

Accountancy manager

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