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From business start-ups to tax advice, everything we do is to provide you with efficient, detailed, and actionable advice.


Being a true advocate for your business is about more than just saving you money on your tax bill and filing your returns on time. That’s only half the story. It’s about having an experienced, dedicated, and energetic team of experts who are there to support, counsel, and coach you.  We’re here to make sure your business provides you with the financial, professional, and personal returns that really matter to you.

Our Services

GAINS has THREE DISTINCT DEPARTMENTS, all geared towards saving you money, increasing your profits, and giving you more control over your business.


Our ACCOUNTING TEAM will be there for your business and personal taxation, VAT, tax advice, planning and support during HMRC investigations, and filing statutory business accounts.


Our CONSULTING TEAM is there for planning the future; financial planning, and management consultancy and coaching.

Our BUSINESS SERVICES TEAM look after your company secretarial responsibilities, bookkeeping, business formation and start-up services, payroll management, and pensions auto enrolment and cloud accounting.

Our Clients

No matter how big or small your business is, or whatever your needs may be, we work with you to make sure you get the accountancy and tax support you need. With us, you can be assured of the best attention, service, and advice from GAINS’ multi-disciplinary team of accountants and advisors. We tailor our service around you – we don’t expect you to shape your business around us.


We’re the accountants who don’t use jargon – we want you to understand exactly what we’re doing for you and how it benefits you. We’re the accountant who will always be quick to adapt to your needs. We’ll be transparent, talking to you directly, so you’ll always be clear on what is going on. 

We believe in proactivity. We PROMISE ...
We believe in proactivity. We promise...

We will provide relevant tax advice and will come to you with tax-saving ideas

We will ensure that you benefit from government-based incentives and that you achieve tax optimisation in your business

We will design blueprints for your business success to streamline your operations, saving you time and money so you can run business free of stress.

We will take care of your deadlines and communications with HMRC and Companies House so you do not need to worry about fines.

We’re always preparing for the biggest change in tax collection in 24 years – Making Tax Digital

We won’t charge you random amounts for answering the phone to you

We’ll make every conceivable effort to really understand you and your business

If we find out about anything that could benefit you and your company financially, we’ll be straight on the phone

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We look forward to working with you.

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