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Intricate tax regulations apply in the restaurant industry, but there are also fantastic opportunities to save your cash and enhance your business, with government-led schemes intended to support businesses like yours. These include the capital allowances available for construction and refurbishment, and schemes for tips and gratuity.

Where more generalist accountants might overlook these sector-specific schemes, our team knows how to spot them, and guarantees you make the most of them.

We’ll also work with you to refine your overall tax position, and smooth out any inefficiencies, so that when you come to filing your tax return, you’ll see a noticeable improvement to your profits.

With a sharp focus on detail and insightful, outside-the-box thinking, your Gains adviser will help you to understand the opportunities available to you, and how they could benefit your business.

Tax review

An overview of your tax position, with practical suggestions where improvements could be made.

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Tax planning

Look to the future and take control of your tax position with support from our tax specialists.

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Tronc scheme

Efficiently manage your staff’s tips and gratuities, while saving on National Insurance at the same time.

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SEIS/EIS tax reliefs

Invest in exciting new businesses as they start their journey or begin to grow, and access a range of tax reliefs for your investment.

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R&D tax relief

Find out how your business could benefit from tax relief or credits on innovative research and development projects.

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Specialist tax advice for restaurants and cafÉs

We know the restaurant and café industry inside out, and can offer expert advice to drive your business’s growth.

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Our packages

Our support for restaurant businesses doesn’t end with tax planning. We believe in helping our clients grow with a full set of tax, compliance and advisory services, and we’ve designed three main packages to fit businesses of any size. Whether you’re starting up or starting to expand, we have a bundle of services to suit you.

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