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Financial accounts are about informing people outside your business of its financial health, usually at year-end. Management accounts, on the other hand, are all about helping you make intelligent choices on behalf of your business.

They’re generally issued on a monthly basis throughout the year so you and your management team can sit down and discuss what’s working, what’s not and what needs to change.

When you’ve got a solid business plan and defined goals, management accounts give you the power to consider the options and make dynamic decisions based on something more reliable than gut instinct.

Are stock levels where you expect them to be? Are you making the margins you need to? Is the staff cost under control, or running wild?

If there’s a problem in your business, scrutinising your management accounts can highlight it so you can take action fast, whether it’s an individual under-performing franchise, a cashflow issue, or even fraud.

Our approach to management accounting is based on established best practice and we’ll always provide information that is relevant, has been analysed, and comes with a clear narrative.

“Gains Accountants have really become a part of our in-house team. They consistently take the worry out of monthly accounts, VAT and payroll. I’m particularly impressed with their forward-looking approach to financial technology, bringing us innovative systems that make our reporting more accurate, efficient and effective whilst saving valuable time and money in the process. They are extremely reliable and flexible to suit our tight deadlines. I recommend them highly!”

Prue Freeman

Director, Daisy Green Food Limited

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  • Usable management information
  • Detailed narrative
  • Business performance overview

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