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A great business plan not only provides a valuable opportunity to reflect and think through every detail of your vision, but also tells a story and lays out a map for the journey you’re on.

When it’s done right – when it’s thorough and inspiring in equal measure – a compelling business plan makes it feel impossible for potential investors and lenders to say anything other than, “Yes!”

It should set out in detail things like the service your business will be offering, short- and long-term objectives including financial benchmarks, and market and price analysis. Potential investors will also want to see financial forecasts, including projection of profit and loss, sales and cashflow.

It goes without saying that the support of a specialist accountant can make this process both easier and more convincing in the eyes of potential partners.

We’ll be the critical friend you need, pushing you to focus on and plan for worst-case scenarios, even as we’re rooting for you to succeed. Every number, every assertion, will be backed up with solid data or credible, documented estimates.

And as your business adapts and grows, we’ll support you in updating the plan for every stage on the journey.

At a glance

  • Detailed business plan
  • Forecasts and analysis
  • Complete map for your business journey

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