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Running a restaurant or café is busy work, but it’s rewarding. We’ll be here for you through all the ups and downs, with advice based on in-depth sector knowledge.

We love working with business owners who have a real passion for what they do, who want to share their love of good food with the world, introduce their customers to new and exciting experiences, or simply offer a comfortable place to relax with a cup of tea.

But it’s a fast-paced industry, with changes in the market happening all the time, and new rules and regulations to be aware of.

We have extensive experience working with food and catering businesses, and we know the way the industry works, so we can advise you on those changes, and on how best to manage your taxes.

And, if you have ambitions to turn your restaurant or cafe into a chain business and reach new customers across the country, we can help you achieve that.

We’ll help you make the most of the tax-saving opportunities in the sector, including capital allowances for construction and refurbishment when you improve or extend your property. This highly complex area is often overlooked by generalist accountants, but we’ll make sure you benefit from any savings available.

Our specialist tax advice also includes VAT on food and drinks, operating a tronc scheme, and other tax reliefs.

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  • Sector-specific tax advice
  • Operating tronc schemes
  • Relevant tax advice during business expansion

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