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Cashflow management


When you have a handle on how cash is coming into, moving around, and going out of your business, then you’re well set to make positive choices for the future.

For small businesses with limited time and resources, it can be tempting to ignore the danger signs – to hope for the best, or bet everything on the success of the next big retail season or project. But please, don’t do that!

If you find yourself squeezed between late-paying customers and demanding suppliers – if you sometimes find yourself having to worry about staff wages and make tough decisions about which bills to pay, never mind thinking about reinvesting in the business – then get in touch.

Our cashflow management service will help you identify underlying issues, such as poor credit control, supplier terms or overspending in one area, and get them fixed. It goes beyond forecasting alone, and looks at granular data on your cash inflow and outflow, your expenditure requirements, and any shortfalls, monitoring the details at regular intervals. 

We can help you to set up cloud accounting tools to monitor and control your cashflow easily and effectively.

If necessary, we can also advise on sources of additional funding or investment that can ease the pressure and help realise the long-term potential in your business.

“Phool from Gains Accountants has been taking care of all our accounting requirements for many years. When they took over from the previous provider, our accounts were still running on an in-house Sage server and were messy. It was on their advice that we moved all of it into the Xero cloud and there has been no looking back ever since! They have introduced various ways of automating our processes to make the whole experience wonderful for us. Their team is very hard-working and keeps track of all our tax payments, which helps with our cashflow.

We are looking forward to having them as our long-term accounting partners and we have no doubt in highly recommending them to anyone!”

Mohammad Ali Khan

Director, Pacific Infotech (UK) Ltd.

At a glance

  • Detailed cashflow plan
  • Identify and overcome cash problems
  • Advice on sourcing funds

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