Menu engineering is a Powerful Tool that enables restaurant/café owners to increase Profit without incurring any additional costs.  

Do not waste the opportunity to easily increase your profit. 

What is Menu Engineering?

In simple terms, menu engineering is designing a menu to make the most money. It involves regular review of the popularity and profit margins of each menu item and categorizing them to maximize profit.

  • Promote Star items that are popular and have high profit margins.
  • Increase Visibility of Plow Horse items that are less popular but highly profitable.
  • Adjust the Pricing of Puzzle items that are popular but have low profit margins.
  • Remove Dog items that are neither popular nor profitable.

How to do Menu Engineering?

To successfully optimise your menu, take the following steps:

  1. Understand your customer, location and food/beverage trends
  2. Analyse data for each menu item. Look at sales data, customer reviews, and recipe costs.
  3. Strategically presentation of the menu to draw attention to highly profitable items.
  4. Use Technology with descriptive language for menu presentation to engage customers and offer convenient ordering options.
  5. Use psychological pricing, such as anchor pricing or seasonal pricing, to influence customer buying decisions. 
  6. Train staff for upselling and cross-selling to make recommendations and suggest upgrades. This also enhances the dining experience of the customer, resulting in repeat visits.
  7.  Regularly monitor, analyse and make adjustments to your menu. 

Menu engineering is one of the easiest and quickest ways to increase profit in your food/beverage business. Ready to embrace the power of Menu Engineering in your Food and Beverage business?

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