Knowing how to motivate your staff is vital if you’re running a restaurant business.

Your employees are the front face of your business and as such represent your business in their thoughts, words and deeds. If they are invested in your business and motivated to make it better, they will have a positive attitude to dealing with each other and your customers.

Motivated staff are worth their weight in gold and represent a valuable asset for your business. But just how do you motivate staff day in day out? Perhaps the question should be not how, but what. What is it that motivates your staff.?

There is no one answer – we’re all very different people, what motivates one person might not be anything special for another. For example, if you’re a parent of small children, starting a little later in the morning might be a huge advantage as it will allow you the freedom to leave your children to school. Equally, you may wish to be out of work during the hours of 3-6 to ensure you’re able to pick your little ones up and make dinner for them.

The key thing in motivating your staff is to get inside their head and find out what it is that makes them tick. Do they love doing nights, or love doing mornings? Play to their strengths and make sure you deploy staff in the most effective and optimum time for their schedule if possible.

It doesn’t always require financial rewards to motivate staff, giving someone a bit more responsibility and ability to control their own workload can make a huge difference because it demonstrates to them that you trust them and they are valued.

Make your staff feel valued and they’ll add value to your business. In either case, showing an interest and level of understanding about your employees can also make them see that you care and for that, many staff will go the extra mile to please you and improve your business by going the extra mile for your customers.

If you would like to discuss financial and non-financial rewards for your staff member then call 0207 118 7171 and ask for Phool (me). We can get a date and time in the diary to help you motivate your staff and add value to your business.