We have chosen the restaurant industry and provide a range of business services to our restaurant clients. This has brought tremendous benefits to our firm and that of our restaurant clients. Firstly, for us, it allows us to concentrate our efforts on one industry and gain in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry that our clients operate in and the challenges and opportunities that they face.

For our clients, the process of benchmarking and measuring their products, services and processes against another business can help them understand key issues in their business. It highlights the preparations that they need to make to plan for all eventualities whether good or bad. If such events are positive, this can enable them to leverage the opportunity and the advantages it brings. If the outcome is negative, forewarning and preparation can help them avoid a loss or salvage something bad from the event whether that be reputation management, customer service or the opportunity to airlift in extra resources to prevent the negative event impacting restaurant in the first place.

We can use our extensive experience to help restaurants grow, and operate more efficiently and more profitably helping our clients to avoid making costly mistakes. Most businesses would not get this opportunity if they engaged general accountants. We can add real value to our clients’ businesses and provide a higher level of service for them.

Within our own firm, we improve efficiency, staff members are well trained to handle any client operating in the food and beverages industry and develop their skills quickly. We get deeply involved in understanding our clients’ businesses, and use tried and tested tools to help clients to


Improve their margins

Automate and streamline processes

Free up staff time to provide more valuable customer services

Improve cash flow management

Fast track our clients’ achievements of their goal