It is said that time and tide wait for no man, but what if we were able to make the most of our precious minutes and seconds?

Well, perhaps if we can see where time is wasted, we can see where we can save time. 

Workstudy became a science that came up with practical changes to the design of kitchens so we could all be more efficient. The kitchen triangle or the golden triangle comprising the sink, fridge and stove enabled the most efficient kitchen design to increase speed and reduce time and effort wasted.

So, what is your golden triangle that can increase your efficiency?

For some may your laptop, your phone and your business adviser and also how you use them in combination to help you.

It could be your business advisor who sets monthly goals for you to drive your business forward, or to keep on top of the administration, receipts and VAT/tax compliance. Or perhaps it’s your pc that helps you to be more efficient by organizing your work via cloud tools and business system applications.

However you organize your time, your staff and your business, it is essential to assess how much time you waste and discover what you waste it on.

Identifying different tasks that you carry out and how long each of these takes you is a fundamental way of seeing how your daily/weekly and monthly hours are eaten up by repetitive tasks that could be automated or handled by someone else.

It’s an interesting experiment to track your activities and see just how much time you can save by automating and delegating.

Try it and see, and then get some advice from your business adviser about how to turn your business into a more efficient well-oiled machine.

If you would like to save your time so that you can spend time doing things you love or with your loved ones then send me a message on LinkedIn or book a call directly into my diary.