The software and applications used to streamline hospitality trade processes can dramatically impact the financial health of restaurants/cafés.

If you’re in the early stages of digitising your restaurant or in the planning stages of automation, or in the implementation phase, you’ll have to make key decisions about software and applications which affect the operational efficiency and profitability of your restaurant/café.

Deciding on what POS, inventory, staff or financial management systems are best for your restaurant requires careful decision making. It is a complete project in itself which includes

• Requirements identification

• Market research & taking referral

• Selection & implementation

• Integration

• Training

It’s essential to identify your requirements, research the market and check future developments plan before you choose systems/applications for your restaurant/cafe. Once you have selected your systems, it’s important to plan your implementation and integration properly and train users fully. You will also need sufficient access to expert support to get quick answers for day to day questions, so your business is not slowed down awaiting advice or assistance.

You can do this project in-house, or you can take a short cut and get help from an experienced application adviser who has done significant research, carefully selected systems, tried and tested applications and helped other restaurants to implement better systems and automate operations.

If you would like a free 30 minutes call to discuss automation of your business processes, then call 0207 118 7171 and ask for Phool (me). We can get a date and time in the diary to help you improve the operational efficiency of your restaurant/café, call now.