The chances of you getting the relevant tax advice at the right time are minimal. Mainly, because as a business owner:

… don’t know what to expect from your accountant

… don’t know if you are getting all the advice you need

However, this isn’t ‘really’ your fault.

Tax advice is an incredibly complex area that hasn’t been set out clearly and proactively offered to clients by many accountants and tax advisors.

Three types of Tax Service

We’ve devised a way to define our tax services to make them easy to understand and clear for restaurant/café business owners.

Our Tax Services are broken down into three areas:

1. Tax compliance – tax returns for company and individuals

Helping you submit correct tax returns and pay the right amount of taxes in a timely manner. We inform about tax liabilities well in advance to our clients to help them avoid cash flow issues.

2. Tax planning/advice

Planning your personal/business tax position to make a future saving, or get cash back into your business e.g. making a Capital Allowance or R&D Tax Claim

3. Tax review/consultancy

Reviewing your overall affairs & aspirations and applying tax legislation to those situations to help you make savings. Tax review focuses on helping you to see how you could execute plans and take actions in certain ways to achieve tax efficiency.


Most accountants will have a tax compliance service that is priced or built into their accountancy services; with tax planning/advice delivered and charged occasionally when stumbled across a certain situation. Tax review and planning is mostly unfamiliar among restaurateurs and café owners. But it’s where the most value sits for you as a business owner.  


At Gains, we aim to deliver maximum value to our clients whether it’s accountancy, business development, or tax services. We offer tailored, easy to understand, and completely transparent tax review and planning services, and recognize this as essential tax services for our clients. As part of these services, we look at the complete picture including your personal and business affairs at each stage of a business lifecycle, to optimize your tax position. So, you don’t pay a single penny more than necessary in taxes.


Like to save tax or get cash inflow through tax reliefs/credits?

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