Your ACCOUNTANT SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR BUSINESS and not just another supplier. GAINS is here to breathe fresh air into the accountancy profession; helping clients grow, achieve targets, and find the work/life balance that so many find elusive.

Why do clients choose GAINS ACCOUNTANTS

Owned and run by an experienced chartered certified accountant passionate about client success

All of our senior staff are experienced and chartered certified accountants

We choose our junior staff by selecting the best and brightest accountancy students

We invest continually in the best systems meaning an ever-improving delivery of customer service to you

We’re more than accountants, we’re proactive, experienced, and a dedicated team of professionals

Ready for the challenges of Making Tax Digital

We really care about people and the environment and we want to make work paper free.



We have structured our services around your core business requirements since the day we opened. But it’s more than that – it’s about personal service. We actually really do care about you and we’re driven to help you succeed. WE BELIEVE OUR CLIENT'S SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS

Start Ups

Starting up your own business will undoubtedly be one of the stressful and busy times of your life. It’s likely just you or a small team will be running everything from marketing, admin and customer service as well as your actual trade. With us, your financials will receive the full attention they need whilst you’re juggling everything else.


It also pays to have a fully-qualified, chartered professional on board when you first start out. Taxes can be complicated, and having someone who knows what they’re doing will give you one less thing to worry about, and will even encourage investors.


Our experienced team of accountants can also give their insights as to what has worked for previous clients with similar businesses, and help you navigate your compliance requirements.

Limited Companies and their Directors

From registration through to calculation through to filing, GAINS provide directors and their companies with a complete accounting and business management service.


But it’s more than that. One of the main advantages of working with GAINS is that we will make sure that you and your company claim every allowance possible to minimise your tax burden. We’ll provide ongoing, timely, and accurate financial information and guidance.


If you’re looking to expand and want to access finance to do it, we’ll help you present a compelling and clear case to lenders about the solidity of your business and the talent on your management team.


Growing your business can put huge pressures on management and cash flow. With us, you’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable team at your side taking away the heavy compliance and regulatory burden from you and your management team.


On a personal level, we’ll work with you on getting you the most advantageous salary and dividend split with further advice on how best to classifying other payments you receive if you have multiple sources of income.

Sole traders and individuals​

GAINS is there to provide full support and services to sole traders and partnerships. The advantage to you is that we take care of everything – VAT, income tax, National Insurance, capital allowances, Self-Assessment forms, capital gains tax, and more. We can even help your business secure funding and you, as a sole trader or a partner, access the mortgage market.


Benefit from having more time to spend on developing your business and making sales, not spending hours on bookkeeping and accounting.

Commercial and residential landlords

Our team provides you with the expert guidance and advice you need, specifically designed and delivered for residential and commercial landlords.


The advantage to landlords like you in using GAINS is that our team are fully conversant with the changing landscape that landlords now operate in. You can rest assured that we will secure every possible tax advantage for you on handling your rental income, capital versus revenue issues, and dealing with capital gains tax on the sale of all or part of your portfolio.


How this benefits you is that, with us as your accounting partner, you can concentrate on the difficult business of operating and growing your property business in what is becoming an increasingly difficult tax and financing climate.

Contractors and freelancers

Contracting and freelancing can be very lucrative – excellent rates of pay sometimes in multiples of an equivalent person in an employed role, offsetting business expenses against tax, working for multiple clients at the same time, and more.


We’ll keep you organised and your costs down. We’re always on top of your Self-Assessment, your income tax, and your National Insurance. Let us take care of your end of years, Companies House returns, payroll, dividends, and corporation tax. Our sole aim is to make sure you keep as much money as you can throughout the year.


Having an accounting professional on hand and at the end of a phone is a massive benefit for any contractor or freelancer looking to make the most of the freedom and the choice this lifestyle brings.

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