We offer bespoke accounting and taxation services to the business community

GAINS offers comprehensive solutions for accounting and taxation for start-ups, limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, landlords, contractors & freelancers. 

Whatever line of business you’re in, GAINS is there to help at all stages in as many ways as we can.




We’ll make sure that your accounts are filed on time with both HMRC and Companies House. You’ll also see a reduction in your tax bills as we will claim every deductible allowance/expenditure including government-led incentives like patent boxes, R&D tax credits, and Employment Allowances.






We make it our job to save the amount of tax you have to pay by advising you about every tax saving opportunity open to you.


  • For sole traders and partnerships, we’ll structure your books in order to save you the highest amount of tax possible each year.

  • For shareholding company directors, getting the salary and dividend mix is very important, even more so if you have additional sources of income like rental payments, interest, and so on.






As we understand you and your business, GAINS provides your company with specialist VAT advice, services and schemes including:


  • Registering you for VAT

  • Switching between schemes (including marginal, flat rate, cash, and annual accounting)

  • VAT calculation and the completion of your VAT return

  • VAT appeals and settlement negotiation






Taxes sometimes have a habit of springing unwelcome surprises on businesses and their owners. Tax planning and advice from GAINS will help you be prepared at all times, covering all types of taxation including capital gains tax, income tax, National Insurance, corporation tax, business rates, and VAT.


As a GAINS’ client, we will make sure you know your tax liabilities as far as possible in advance so that you don’t have any unexpected outward cash flow issues.






Although many HMRC investigations are carried out because of consistent late filings and payments, at least 7% of investigations are random.


Working with GAINS, should your company be investigated by HMRC, we’re able to talk their language. We know how to identify the conclusions they come to which are either wrong or can be challenged.


GAINS can help bridge the gap of understanding between you and HMRC, meaning investigations can be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible.


We also provide specialist insurance which will cover you for all professional costs in the event of an investigation.




GAINS will provide a real focus on your business financial planning and controls at all stages of your business cycle, including:


  • growth advice and planning

  • costing models

  • KPI monitoring (financial and non-financials)

  • accounting system implementation

  • negotiations

  • due diligence

  • capital gains tax entrepreneur’s relief

  • corporation tax reduction

  • business exit strategies






GAINS’ management consultancy and business coaching offers a blueprint for your business moving forward through properly-defined and -planned processes and workflows, and through the constant monitoring of both to ensure that expected outcome is delivered.


We help you improve your company’s performance, growth and capacity. We’ll identify new and better ways of doing things. We work with you on all areas of strategy, structure, leadership, and the operation of your business.


Our chartered accountants have unique insight into businesses, specifically:


• how to increase your turnover and profitability from the same level of activity

• reading cashflow movements to know whether to invest money or keep it aside

• reducing fixed costs permanently to increase profitability

• the role of variable costs and protecting yourself against them rising as your business grows

• learning from the way other businesses are run

• using accounting to work out the most profitable routes


Business coaching is part of our premium service. Ask us about this and our other value-enhanced services when you call.






GAINS can help you build a robust, accurate, and detailed management reporting system to analyse the performance of your company and the people associated with it, as well as areas for improvement. We provide you with bespoke management reports to analyse your business performance on a regular basis and identify profit absorbing areas in time.





We use cloud accounting and thoroughly recommend it to our clients because of its accuracy, flexibility, and its ease of use.


GAINS can maintain your bookkeeping for you so you can focus on running and growing your business, safe in the knowledge that our trained and experienced professionals are keeping your accounts accurately and up-to-date.


We also have in-house bookkeepers on hand to answer any questions you have about bookkeeping and cloud accounting.


We can help you with the transition from desktop accounting systems to cloud-based software. By doing this, your accounting will be fully digital and completely paper free which will help you achieve the efficiency you need to run your business effectively. We’ll provide you and your team with ongoing support and training on your cloud accounting service so that this new way of working becomes the normal way of keeping financial records up-to-date in your business.


We’ll help with the initial set-up, show you the parts of the service you need for your business, and provide you ongoing support.


Accounting and tax is going digital and we want to help all of our clients achieve this important transition easily and smoothly.






GAINS’ company secretarial service can help you fulfil your legal obligations and compliance. It includes:


• preparation and online filing of confirmation statements (formerly called annual returns)

• amending company details

• appointment and resignation of directors

• issuance, withdrawal, and transfer of shares and shareholdings.







With our start-up service, you can focus on building your business without having to undergo the steep learning curve of financial and tax administration – that’s our job! We will help you to choose a right structure for your business and complete all registrations.


Whether you have funds available or you need external financial support, we will provide support and assistance so that you set up your business properly. We will even help you put together well-prepared funding applications which help you increase your chances of success.






Payroll is one of the most complicated tax obligations any business has to deal with. That’s why we strongly recommend to all our clients that they outsource it to us.


In addition to standard payroll, we also provide services for:


• Contractors – CIS Scheme

• Subcontractors – CIS Scheme


Whether you pay is weekly, four-weekly, or monthly, GAINS has it covered. We manage all areas of payroll including pension deductions, statutory pay and benefits reporting.


We’ll carry out all your payroll duties, advising you well in advance of the payment you need to make to HMRC.






Auto enrolment is compulsory for most businesses and it makes managing payroll even harder. Your GAINS accountants will handle the process for you. We’ll guide you through the complex process of auto enrolment including:


  • registering with the Pensions Regulator

  • selecting and setting up an approved scheme

  • determining who needs to be enrolled and writing to your staff

  • declaring your compliance with the Pensions Regulator handling required payroll deductions on an ongoing basis





Reporting and paying your taxes is changing.



It’s the biggest change in how people report and pay tax since the introduction of Self-Assessment in the 1990s.


Making Tax Digital will eventually replace your annual Self-Assessment with four quarterly digital reports to HMRC followed by a balancing report 10 months after year end.


Accountants now have to adopt the digital way of working, being more proactive with their clients, and being there with effective client financial management so that they are able to deal with the upcoming changes. From launch, GAINS is getting ready for Making Tax Digital so that, when it’s eventually fully rolled out, we’re ready and you’re ready.

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