Accounting & Tax Services



We’ll make sure that your accounts are filed on time with both HMRC and Companies House. You’ll also see a reduction in your tax bills as we will claim every deductible allowance/expenditure including government-led incentives like patent boxes, R&D tax credits, and Employment Allowances.







We make it our job to save the amount of tax you have to pay by advising you about every tax saving opportunity open to you.


  • For sole traders and partnerships, we’ll structure your books in order to save you the highest amount of tax possible each year.

  • For shareholding company directors, getting the salary and dividend mix is very important, even more so if you have additional sources of income like rental payments, interest, and so on.





             VAT RETURNS


As we understand you and your business, GAINS provides your company with specialist VAT advice, services and schemes including:

  • Registering you for VAT

  • Switching between schemes (including marginal, flat rate, cash, and annual accounting)

  • VAT calculation and the completion of your VAT return

  • VAT appeals and settlement negotiation





             TAX ADVICE & PLANNING


Taxes sometimes have a habit of springing unwelcome surprises on businesses and their owners. Tax planning and advice from GAINS will help you be prepared at all times, covering all types of taxation including capital gains tax, income tax, National Insurance, corporation tax, business rates, and VAT.


As a GAINS’ client, we will make sure you know your tax liabilities as far as possible in advance so that you don’t have any unexpected outward cash flow issues.







Although many HMRC investigations are carried out because of consistent late filings and payments, at least 7% of investigations are random.


Working with GAINS, should your company be investigated by HMRC, we’re able to talk their language. We know how to identify the conclusions they come to which are either wrong or can be challenged.


GAINS can help bridge the gap of understanding between you and HMRC, meaning investigations can be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible.


We also provide specialist insurance which will cover you for all professional costs in the event of an investigation.

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